In times of great stress and uncertainty, slow walking and controlled breathing yoga can reduce anxiety and help with physical fitness

weight lifting

Lifting weights does not require exercise equipment. You just need a set of dumbbells, barbells and ropes.

Try to include weights in the exercise program, awareness and brushing with the weights on your hands. Alternatively, try bicep curls, shoulder blades, and triceps extensions.

Bodyweight Exercise

Exercise offers many of the same benefits as expensive exercise equipment.

Online Workout Programs

Some people succeed with group support or feel unable to design an exercise program on their own. These online exercise programs can help.

The garden

When confronted with the reality of spending weeks or even months at home, most people want to increase their satisfaction. For those lucky enough to have a garden, a garden is a great way to grow a healthy, unpolluted product. It also offers a lot of exercise.

Outdoor games

People who have a yard that offers six meters from public places, such as parks or roadways, can enjoy outdoor sports.

Try installing a badminton net in the backyard or draw a square on the flat side of the road and play four squares.

Family travel

Walking is safe, as long as one maintains a certain distance but more so than others. To do this, it is important to avoid crowded areas or narrow mountain passes where contact with others is unavoidable.


Cycling and leisure are safe, as long as one maintains a safe distance of at least 6 feet [6 m] from other people.